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A Comprehensive Whole-School Approach

We know that a whole-school approach to mental health requires that we look at risk and protective factors at multiple levels including the individual, relationship, community, and societal levels. In short, there are things we can modify like access to care, training and acquisition of life skills and things we can’t, like age, ethnicity, and gender. We will examine all relevant risk and protective factors at each level and provide the results of our assessment to the governing board and leaders.

Comprehensive school mental health systems provide a full array of supports and services that promote positive school climate, social emotional learning, mental health, and well-being, and suicide prevention initiatives while reducing the prevalence and severity of mental illness. Comprehensive, successful school mental health systems rely on administrators and educators, specialized instructional support personnel (e.g., school psychologists, school social workers, school counselors, school nurses and other school health professionals), in strategic partnership with students, families, and community health and mental health partners.

The Way Consulting Int’l. will leave no stone unturned in assessing and evaluating your school’s organizational and cultural policies and practices, particularly as they related to suicide prevention. Our approach to suicide prevention will be to examine all four domains listed in the socio-ecological model below, assessing risks which can be reduced and protections that can be enhanced and conduct a comprehensive review of numerous related processes and checks and balances related to student wellness and social and emotional health.

A comprehensive whole-school approach to assessing mental health policies, procedures and practices includes a robust, comprehensive, holistic review and an organizational and cultural assessment of the school’s diversity, organizational, academic and residential structures, risk management, procedures, internal and external cultures, policies, leadership roles, and counseling care as it pertains to the school’s mental health approach and response, student well-being, emotional health, incident prevention, postvention and contagion.

All of these organizational and cultural processes will be reviewed as a means for affirming that appropriate structures are in place.

The Way Consulting Int’l. will also identify policies, protocols, and programs that may be strengthened or created to support a positive school environment and a healthy living and learning experience for current and future students.

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