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Suicide has no single cause, and no single solution. The response must be comprehensive, targeted to the data, evidence-informed, and multi-dimensional

Our Mission

The Way Consulting, Int’l. exists to save lives and ease emotional pain by bringing evidence-informed training and practices in mental health and suicide prevention and response to public, private, and faith-based organizations, such that our engagement serves as a catalyst to transform organizational behavior and improve lives.
While suicide has no single cause, it too has no single solution. The response must be comprehensive, evidence and data informed, and multi-dimensional. The Way Consulting Int’l. team of subject matter experts knows what needs to be done, knows how to get it done, and obtains results.

Our network of expert health professionals develops and implements suicide prevention programs that are:

Our programs can be implemented in workplaces, businesses, health care settings, faith communities, governmental organizations and agencies, schools, and communities.

Our comprehensive program approach assures that both individual and population risks and protective factors are addressed.

Because suicide is a complex issue, no single approach is sufficient. The Way Consulting Int’l. knows it will take all of us, applying a comprehensive, evidenced-informed effort, which is responsive to the data and resources of a given community, to reduce the tragic consequences of suicidal behaviors.

Our Services

Phase 1.    ASSESSMENT

Assessment to determine the need, existing resources and desired outcomes to ensure the creation and delivery of suicide safer care.

Phase 2.  ACTION

An Action Plan with comprehensive details of “what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how to get it done and coaching to create and strengthen a suicide prevention environment and culture.


A sustainability plan that measures progress and dissemination of resources and tools and a six and 12-month value-added consultative review by The Way Consulting Int’l. Team.

“Saving Lives, Restoring Hope, Strengthening Community”

Effective Suicide Prevention Initiatives for:

Faith-based Communities
Public, Governmental, Private Agencies and Organizations
Educational Institutions


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